No matter if it’s an inch or even 3 inches, that it is still considered a haircut.  The amount of time needed and the price remain the same.  A haircut consists of; shampoo, conditioning, combed, sectioned, cut and finally styled.  Whether or not it’s just to shape up the cut you already have or to give you a whole new style.

So when making your appointment make it for a haircut and be confident that your stylist will exceed your needs and give you exactly what you’re looking for.


Ladies Cut                                      90.                         

Fringe Trim                                     20.                        

Blow Dry                                        50. +                  

Up Do                                            80. +                  

Gents Cuts                                     80.                          

Beard Trim                                     25.

Customize Men Hair Piece           125.  



Complimentary Fringe Trim Between Cuts

Complimentary Men Neck and Side Burns Clean Up Between Cuts

Blow Dry included With Chemical & Other Service



Hi-lites                                          150. +

Single Process                              80. +

Bleach with Toner                        150.+

Keratin Glaze *add on service       35.

Brazilian Blowout                        350. +

Deep Conditioning Treatment       50.

Silk Degrees Shine Treatment       70.


The Hair By Nico comprehensive bridal packages include hair design & trial, an advance consultation is arranged to ensure that you look your very best on your wedding day.

Rates Upon Consultation

Make-Up Available Upon Request



Nico practices the Vidal Sassoon method of precision cutting on all lengths of hair from which he's been able to take to another level establishing his very own technique combining shape and texture. This is a personal signature cut that varies from any other, taking in consideration density, texture and length of hair, small scissors are used for all cutting and finishing techniques throughout the cut. Thinning shears and straight razors are not used because they can undermine the integrity of precision cutting.



What does a “Precision Haircut” mean?  Although it is not an exact science, the following hair cutting elements will help you recognize a distinct precision haircut


# 1 – A precision haircut sets you apart from the rest of the pack because it is a perfect style for you. It enhances your appearance. It doesn’t detract. Your hair is expertly cut to fall correctly in place.

# 2 – Practice makes perfect and creates a precision haircut. Nico demonstrates his considerable expertise and skills by focusing on cutting both ladies and gents hair, who make up 75% of his clientele, this qualifies him as an expert in a specialized hair cutting niche. He understands hair!

# 3 – Precision haircuts are much easier to care for they take less time to style, They look good no matter how much or little effort you put into them.

# 4 – The true test of a good haircut is that it looks good when it is growing out, When you return for a trim it doesn’t look like you have gone months without a haircut.

# 5 – Precision hair cutting is an art. It takes skill and finesse to create depth perception in a haircut. It also takes good eye-hand coordination. A good hair stylist has the ability to creatively visualize what hair style would positively suit you before they ever cut your hair.

# 6 – Precision hair cutting at Hair By Nico is a mindset that drives him to deliver an outstanding service to you that always beats the competition hands down.



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